Article 1 – From the date of enactment of this Act to the Ministry of Construction Jihad is authorized to form companies in each province to the maintenance, operation, development, reconstruction, restoration and development of rural drinking water supply related facilities such as refineries, pipelines, tanks, systems control and sanitation. This company has legal personality and financial autonomy and will be administered based on regulations governing public companies and the law.

Note 1 - supervision and coordination of staff, support and research companies will be the responsibility of Ministry of Construction Jihad.

Note 2 - Jihad has a duty to transfer the responsibility of setting up and strengthening these companies, facilities, machinery , other required property and the necessary tools to the companies mentioned.

Article 2 - The subscriber has to pay the price for water to supply storage costs of maintenance activities. The Government has duty to provide  repair, development ,and maintenance credit which is passed in the annual budget ,to these companies.

Note 1 - Jihad has duty to provide required  personals for these companies from Jihad personals.

Article 3 - company in each province, can create branch or company according to efficient and appropriate actions and based on the number of covered villages and scope of specific projects in each of the cities of the province which is deemed necessary and with the approval of the General Assembly. The responsibility for maintenance of rural water supply networks and sewage is still the responsibility of the Ministry of Construction Jihad until it is not covered by water companies of the province .

Article 4 - The Ministry of Construction Jihad is required to form the central and provincial centers within one year from the date of notification of this law,. Article 5 - Statute of these companies and organizations within three months by the Ministry of Construction Jihad State administrative and Employment will be prepared and approved by the Cabinet

Cabinet decree No. 18 796 / D 25 638 E dated 28/04/1381

Ministry of Agriculture - Department of Energy - Department of Transportation - Department of Housing and Urban Development - Management and Planning Organization, the Council of Ministers dated 1381/02/04 According to the proposal in meeting the organization's management and planning and the implementation of Article (2) organization of the Ministry of Agriculture - approved in 1379 - and according to Article (138) Islamic Republic of Iran's constitution adopted:

 1 - All duties, powers, staffing, facilities, and funding commitments related to rural roads, rural electricity, Agriculture, Water and sanitation in rural villages of are abstracted of the Ministry of Agriculture and giving to the Ministries of Transportation, Energy and Housing and joined the urban and rural water and wastewater companies are affiliated to the Ministry of Energy

2 - Responsible for implementing this decree  the working group of the Minister of Agriculture, the President and Secretary of State Management and Planning Organization.

First Vice President Mohammad Reza Aref.